What You Must Know About Laser Hair Removal

We’re sure you’ve heard of laser hair removal at some point, but not many people know these 5 facts about it! There are many misconceptions about the hair removal method that we aim to clear up. We’re sure you’re wondering if it hurts more or less than waxing, if it’s truly that expensive, or if it’s something feasible for you to have done.

Not as expensive as you think

When laser hair removal was a brand-new thing that people would have done, it was kind of expensive. Since it’s commercial “release” in the 90’s, it was thousands of dollars for something as small as a little patch of hair – no matter where it was. Since it’s such a common practice now, it costs much less. You can even get something like a bikini trim for under $70! You may think that’s steep now, but you’ll only need to complete a set of appointments and then your hair is permanently gone in that area!

Not nearly as painful as waxing

Have you ever had your eyebrows waxed, your legs waxed, or your bikini area waxed? If you’re dreading any sort of pain with laser hair removal, we’ll let you in on a secret: it’s not nearly as painful as waxing. No matter how trained the artist is at waxing, it’s bound to hurt because of the pulling of hairs. however, laser hair removal comes with half of the pain waxing does. The laser machine uses a type of light to zap the follicles of hair on the area. We will warn that it does feel like tiny little plucks on the skin, but not truly painful.

Much quicker than your average wax

If you want to go in and out with your appointment, then you’ll want to consider a laser hair removal session. You can typically get in and out of your appointment within 10 minutes because of how quick and efficient the machine is at detecting hair follicles. The process for laser hair removal is generally composed of regular sessions for up to six weeks, depending on how thick and persistent your hair is. The laser hair removal machine zaps around 10% of hair per appointment.

Laser hair removal facilities aren’t hard to find.

Sure, they aren’t as common as driving by a McDonald’s every day, but there are many facilities that have certified laser hair removal technicians around the country. Since they are much more effective than waxing, they are much more common. Because they are more common, they are much cheaper now than at their conception.

Different people will have different results

With the aforementioned being said, it’s worth noting that everyone will see different results. While your friend may have seen perfect results within a session or two, you might have more to go through, as it depends on your hair follicles, as well as the color of your hair.

Make sure to alert your technician of any medical issues or medications that you may be taking, and don’t be afraid to consult with Atlantis Health, Beauty & Laser Clinic at (905) 237-1354 for a laser hair removal session today.