Contouring At Atlantis Clinic With Venus Legacy

If you are looking for a great way to improve your overall look with the help of contouring, then Venus Legacy treatments by Atlantis Clinic may be right for you. We are able to offer a way to target fat and cellulite without the use of invasive procedures. We mix a healthy amount of VariPulse technology and MP2 energy to send our treatment deep under your skin to target your problem areas. This causes the circulation in the treatment area to increase immediately, while also plumping the area. You will notice the results as soon as your first treatment has been completed. The great thing about our body contouring is that you don’t have to deal with the pain or recovery period that comes with more invasive procedures such as surgery or liposuction.

What Does Venus Legacy Treat?

For those looking to tighten up their skin on the neck or jowls, using the Venus Legacy is a great way to get the results you need without scarring. It is also effective in treating deep folds, wrinkles and fine lines of the face and hands. Many patients enjoy contouring their butt and thighs as well as reducing the darkness of stretch marks all over the body. Cellulite is a part of life, but with our contouring treatments, you can banish yours into the past. Reducing your waistline, tightening your belly, and getting rid of love handles are also popular options for this non-invasive treatment.

Venus Legacy Explained

The Venus Legacy is one of the best body contouring devices available for commercial use right now. It is most often used to treat loose skin, stretch marks, and cellulite. It has also proven effective in circumference reductions of the middle body and thighs. It works using pulsed magnetic fields and multi-polar RF energy. By treating your body with two different forms of energy, the results are going to be twice as phenomenal.

How The Venus Legacy Works

Using two types of energy, the Venus Legacy pushes heat deep into the lower layers of your skin uniformly.  This two-pronged heat helps jumpstart the repair process from within and as your skin temperature increases, so does the FGF-2 hormone activity in your body.

The heat from these two sources of energy target the triglycerides in your existing fat cells to start breaking them down. Once they are broken down the fatty acids are then ready to be disposed of. When the Legacy reduces the total fat cells in the treatment area, it results in a reduction of “fatty areas” which allows us to contour your body in a way that aesthetically appealing. The same energy also increases your circulation which promotes healing and improves the overall look of your skin.

Find Out More

The Venus Legacy is a great way to contour your body without the need for invasive procedures. Atlantis Clinic is always here to speak with you in regards to your treatment options, pricing, or to answer any questions you may have regarding the procedure. Get in touch with one of our scheduling coordinators at 905-237-1354 today to find out more.