5 Little Known Facts about Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has been around for several years, but when it first came out it was so expensive that most people wouldn’t consider it as an alternative to waxing or shaving on a weekly basis. As laser hair removal technology has evolved and become more accessible to the general public, more people are looking into trying this cosmetic treatment themselves. Atlantis Clinic has created a list of 5 lesser known facts about laser hair removal that will help you choose if this is a good treatment option for you.

It’s Affordable

Laser hair removal became available commercially in the 90’s. At that time it cost a few thousand dollars to treat even a small area. These days, there are walk-in clinics that offer a range of laser hair removal treatment packages that are affordable for just about everyone. Of course, the size of the treatment area and the type of center you visit will determine the price range, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get quality laser hair removal for less.

Generally Painless

Shaving isn’t painful per se, but having to shave on a regular basis can be a pain in the butt. On the other hand, waxing is generally not for the faint of heart or those with a low pain tolerance. Laser hair removal is painless in general; you only have to deal with mild discomfort in the treatment area. It feels like light pinpricks dancing over your skin, and this feeling is not anything that can’t be managed with ice, and will self-resolve in under 24 hours.

The Procedure Is Quick

There is nothing better than being able to get in and out in a hurry, and with laser hair removal you can do just that! Most laser hair removal treatment sessions last about 10 minutes, they can last a bit longer if you are covering a large area of skin.In general, though, the most you will spend in a treatment office is just 20 minutes. This is especially great news since you will need from 3-8 appointments before you are hair free. But don’t worry, you can visit your laser hair removal office on your lunch break!

Treatment Centers Are Readily Available

In the past, you would have to travel to specialized centers to get any type of laser treatment for hair removal, but now the procedure is so common you can typically find a center within 3 kilometers of your current location. Make sure you check reviews and certifications prior to selecting a center, and make good use of online searches to find one that offers packages in your preferred price range.

It’s Not Always Effective

Laser hair removal works by using light to target the hair follicles under the skin. That means that it will work better on some people than it would on others. Those that have dark hair or lighter skin will have more success with most laser treatments since the hair follicle is much easier to detect. If you have light skin and light hair, it will be effective, but it will require more treatments to target all of your hair.  Dark skin and light hair is also a great candidate for laser treatment since the contrast allows the laser to target the root of the hair more effectively.

How We Can Help

If you want to find out more about laser hair removal, then please visit Atlantis Clinic. If you’re ready to discuss treatment options and available packages, we are only a phone call away at (905) 237-1354!