Top 5 Reasons to Use a Facial Mask

A facial mask is a fan favorite in the skin-care niche, mainly because they work well and they are fun to put on. One of the best feelings is clean tight skin after the application of a quality mask that you don’t get just from washing alone.

Is a facial mask really for everyone? Of course, they are. There are so many various skin problems that people of all ages face, and thankfully there is a facial mask to address just about every concern you can think up. There are masks that help reduce sebum production and masks that help battle acne, and still, other masks to work on fine lines or enlarged pores. In addition, all masks in general help remove dirt, grime, and other impurities from your skin leaving you with that spa feeling. While you are able to get facial masks from your local drugstore, it is best to see a professional, like the ones at Atlantis Clinic in order to receive all the benefits one can obtain from doing a facial mask.

Top Reasons to Use a Mask

Intense Cleaning

These days, most people spend extra time cleaning the daily pollution and beauty products off of their skin, but adding in a mask to your routine ensures that you get all that caked in grime out of your pores. A quality facial mask at Atlantis Clinic will literally pull the dirt and impurities from the lower layers of your skin, similar to a detox.

Lustrous Skin

Masks that have mint and other herbs in the formula are great for circulation. In addition, the actual process of your skin masks becoming hard and dry and subsequently being removed will help your blood vessels to expand. This expansion improves skin tone, softens skin and gives you that selfie worthy glow that you have been craving.

Rounds out Your Regimen

When you use a mask, it helps the rest of the items in your skin care regimen to work more efficiently. By clearing your skin of impurities and grim, your moisturizers and treatments will be able to penetrate much deeper and work more effectively.

Clean Pores

There is nothing worse for your skin than pores that are clogged with junk, makeup, and pollution. This leads to acne, large pores, and even wrinkles. Using a Bentonite clay mask is a great way to reduce oils and detox the dirt while clearing away dead skin. It will also unclog your pores which is the main cause of most skin ailments that affect the face.


Facial masks are a great way to improve your skin, but they are also a great way to improve your mood. Many masks have been soaked in essential oils like rosemary or mint that help lift your mood while tightening your skin. Most people tend to put aside time for themselves when applying a facial mask, and this is a great way to unwind after a long day or a stressful period. Indulge your senses while you boost your skincare for a relaxing routine that will leave you with glowing skin.

How Atlantis Clinic Can Help

A good skin care routine has both weekly and daily use products. Facial masks will fall along the lines of a once a week or once every few days depending on your specific skin concerns. The facial masks you can receive at our clinic contain vitamins, essential oils, minerals, and/or fruit extracts (e.g., cactus, cucumber, etc.), and will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Listed above are five great reasons to use a facial mask in your skincare routine. If you are interested in receiving a facial mask from the professionals at Atlantis Clinic then please give us a call at (905) 237-1354 today.