Perfecting a Proper Laser Hair Removal Regimen

If you gather a room of 50 people and ask them about their experiences with laser hair removal, it’s safe to say, you’ll have a plethora of answers. Some will say that it works okay, others will say it was not that effective, and there will be a large group that loved their results.
The effectiveness of laser hair removal is entirely dependent on the cooperation of the person receiving the treatment.
Let’s take a look at a proper regimen that you should have when receiving laser hair removal:

  • You should avoid tanning at least 4 weeks before your first treatment. It’s worth noting that any cream and spray tan that you’ve used should be stopped until the treatments are over. In short, they should be faded by your first appointment or else you’ll run the risk of a poor laser hair removal session. Those that must go out in the sun a month before treatment should use at least 30 SPF – higher if the skin is fairer. The layer should be thick, and you should apply this at least 20 minutes before you enter the sunny outside world.
  • During the treatment phase, you should stay clear of tanning beds. You shouldn’t sunless tan, either.
  • Stop any medicated dreams like retinal, tretinoin, etc. at least 7 days before your treatment.
  • Remove any deodorant, lotion, cream, and makeup in those areas before your treatment. Laser light must be able to reach those areas uninterrupted.
  • Ice packs can be placed on your skin after treatment to reduce swelling and heat.
  • Avoid bleaching, tweezing, or plucking in those areas. You shouldn’t thread, either, and cease to use depilatory agents for at least a month before your treatment.
  • If you’re getting facial hair done, you’ll want to avoid using these on your skin for at least 2 weeks before since the hair grows back quick.
  • If and when hair removal is absolutely necessary, you’ll be advised to use clipping or shaving so the follicle can still be in decent condition.

When you don’t cooperate as a patient, you waste your money, your time, and the time of the doctor. Let’s look at post-treatment tips:

  • There will be some sort of stress and mild swelling to the affected areas. These feelings or tenderness can last for at least 2 hours or more. Your redness shouldn’t linger too long, though, but may last up to 3 days depending on your skin it may feel like a sunburn.
  • When using ice after your treatment, leave this on for between 15 and 20 minutes at a time to take away any discomfort. You can do this 3 or 4 times a day for up to 72 hours.
  • If you don’t see any blistering after your treatment, you may begin to use makeup again.
  • You should try and avoid the sun unless you’re able to apply 30 SPF or higher onto your skin.
  • Try not to scratch, pull or pick at skin.
  • You may see “new skin growth”, but it’s actually your skin removing the old hair.
  • Bathe gently and only dab your face, don’t scrub until at least a week after your treatment.

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