Microdermabrasion Aftercare Tips and Solutions

Microdermabrasion sounds like a procedure that is filled with pain, bleeding, and torture but in reality, it is one of the most gentle external cosmetic treatments you can undergo for your skin improvement. This treatment exfoliates the outer layer of your skin by removing the dead skin cells mechanically. This leaves your skin feeling supple, glowing and looking much younger than before the treatment.

The Benefits of Microdermabrasion

There are many benefits microdermabrasion offers for your skin such as:

  • Reducing wrinkles and lines
  • Battling sun damage
  • Smoothing texture
  • Minimizing acne scars
  • Balancing skin tone

Skin Care Tips Following a Microdermabrasion Treatment

Taking care of yourself after a cosmetic treatment helps your body to heal and ensures that you get the results you want from your procedure. Aftercare for your skin following a microdermabrasion treatment is just as important as aftercare following any other cosmetic procedure. The treatment itself isn’t invasive and is actually very gentle, but does come with temporary side effects. You can expect minor side effects such as:

  • Tightness of the skin
  • A slightly inflamed appearance at the treatment site
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Wind-burned or sun-burned sensation on the skin

While most patients are able to observe results following their first session, full results are not expected until a full course of treatment has been completed. In most cases, a course of treatment will be five to ten sessions administered every week or two.

Microdermabrasion After-Care

You can expect your skin to be sensitive immediately following your sessions even though microdermabrasion is not invasive. Here are a few suggestions to help ease your recovery while caring for your skin at the same time.

  1. Clean the treatment area with a wet cloth right after the session is complete. Apply a hydrating toner to get rid of any lingering dead skin cells.
  2. Apply an extra hydrating moisturizer once the treatment area is dry, this should be used for at least a week after each session to reduce and prevent peeling skin.
  3. Make sure to use sunscreen on a daily basis every time you leave the house.
  4. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for a week following each session to avoid sun spots and hyper-pigmentation.
  5. Eat a diet filled with water-rich foods along with an increased water intake to help boost your skins recovery process.
  6. Avoid picking at any flaking skin, or scratching healing areas to avoid scarring.
  7. Abstain from using chemicals or harsh solvents on the treatment area for at least 7 days following each session.

Taking proper care of your skin will allow you to reap the benefits of your treatment year round. You will notice a change in the texture, tone, color, and elasticity of the course of your treatments.

Custom Microdermabrasion from Atlantis Clinic

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