Men Can Get Laser Hair Removal, Too

Did you know that men have become extremely popular laser hair removal customers? Because of how fast paced the typical lifestyle has become in comparison to a decade ago, men are warming up to the idea of reduced grooming times. If you’re a man in search of a laser hair removal facility, you may want to continue reading on.

When women think about hair on men, they think about it in their chest or back area, but men grow it everywhere – including the tops of their shoulders and neck. When these areas have ingrown hairs, it can be extremely uncomfortable to wear anything; this is why laser hair removal is so convenient. Not everyone gets lucky, though, as men with grey hair, blonde, or red hair cannot receive treatment in those areas with a laser.

Most Common Areas for Laser Hair Removal

The neck is one of the biggest areas in laser hair removal for men. Let’s take a look at specific areas of the neck that you didn’t even know grew hair:

Front – the reason the front of the neck is treated more often with laser hair removal is because of irritation and ingrown hair after shaving. It can become quite inflamed, and since it’s sensitive, laser hair removal is a no-brainer.

Nape of the neck – when a man goes to a barber, they typically get a shave around the nape of their neck. By removing this hair permanently, men don’t have to worry about irritation after shaving, and they don’t have to worry about clothes irritating or pulling the hair and skin.

Other common areas that men receive laser hair removal on include the following:

Cheeks – The cheeks are incredibly common for laser hair removal to those who have beards. In receiving precision laser hair removal on this area, you can achieve a “freshly groomed” appearance every day.

Shoulders – The shoulders don’t just include the curve of the shoulder that we all know, it also includes the upper back, behind, and sometimes beneath. For some men, and those with limited range, this is an absolute nightmare. Since ingrown hairs are common here, and it’s hard to get on your own, laser hair removal is key in comfortability and reducing irritation permanently.

The back – It’s no secret that the back is one of the more common areas for laser hair removal. Some of the more common reasoning from men around the country include:

  • Don’t like how it looks
  • The partner doesn’t like how it looks
  • Bullied or teased about how much hair is on the back
  • It becomes too sweaty during workouts
  • Doesn’t feel nice when wearing clothing

Whatever the reason may be, laser hair removal allows those dealing with hair on their back to rest easily, while reducing discomfort from laser hair removal.

If you or a man you know in your life sounds like a candidate for laser hair removal, contact Atlantis Clinic at (905) 237-1354 to setup a personalized consultation.