How Can Venus Legacy Help Me?

There are many different applications that can be used on the body and the face. For instance, wrinkles and fine lines can be eliminated, new blood vessels can grow, and skin tightening can greatly make one look younger in the face. For the body, Venus Legacy can be used to greatly decrease cellulite. However, that is not all it can do, as it can also reduce the circumference, the visibility of stretch marks, and can tighten the skin.

Do Results Take Long?

As everyone is different the result time can vary depending on the person. However, the average time for visible results usually occurs within three or more treatments and sometimes even sooner.

Do the Results Actually Stay?

As stated above, results can be seen in most people after about three treatments with some even sooner. Results are intended to last for at least 18 months, but if the person will come in for one session every quarter the main treatment can be maintained.

Is This Procedure Better Than Other Cellulite Treatments?

You may be wondering if this treatment is better than other leading cellulite treatments and that is a good question to ask. Venus Legacy is special because it uses a multi-polar system that is also combined with radio frequency and this will give better coverage of the area with a better depth and results that are far more pleasing to the patient. Even Venus Freeze is top leading, and they are the predecessor of the new Venus Legacy.

Does the Procedure Hurt?

The great thing about the procedure is that it does not hurt. Think of a nice warm massage.

How Many Treatments Are Needed in Total?

Depending on what the patient will want to be done is how many treatments will be needed. However, on the average six treatments will be done to the face and they will be spread out for weekly resting. The body is a bit different and may need 6 to 10 treatments that will need to be done at least weekly. Once these initial treatments are done with it is recommended that follow-up treatments be done at least four times a year, and this will maintain the final results of the initial treatments.

How Long Has the Treatment Been Used?

This treatment has been around in the US since 2013 and its predecessor since 2011.

Why Use This Treatment Over Other Face Lifts?

Venus Legacy tightens the face and it keeps a young and youthful look. There is no pain or discomfort either which puts it at the better end than other procedures.

What Should You Wear?

Wear clothes to the appointment that can be washed because gel can get on the clothes. Even though the clothes are generally protected during the treatments, it is better to be safe than sorry.

You can schedule an appointment with Atlantis Clinic at (905) 237-1354 to get an evaluation for treatment. Venus Legacy is pain-free and effective.