Do You Know What Is Triggering Your Acne?

Breakouts are terrible. They leave us insecure and sometimes they’re extremely painful. Some of the symptoms of these nasty breakouts include rashes, painful cysts, bumps, and maybe even infection – depending on how well they’re taken care of or not. These breakouts can occur long after puberty is over, and well into adulthood. The more you deal with, the more insecurity you’ll face and increase frustration. When this happens, you’re more prone to breakouts.

Millions of people are searching for the answers in finding out what’s causing acne in order to help find a solution. Hopefully, we’ll be able to aid you in the fight against acne! There are a ton of varying factors that could play into what’s causing your breakouts, and the five main problems may be:

  • Stress and frustration – especially continuous
  • The health of your gut
  • The food you consume
  • Ingredients that clog pores (both cosmetically and food-wise)
  • Hormonal issues

Stress Induced Acne

No one is a stranger to the evil “stress” villain. Whether it’s something at work that continuously triggers you, or you having to deal with the stress of your children running crazy around your house, stress is almost inevitable in life. While some think that stress induced acne is a myth, there are plenty of supporting factors that let us know how much of an impact this has on our skin.

A study conducted by Stanford University has shown us that pressure and mental instability (stress) can have adverse effects on our skin’s health. During these frustrating periods, sebum works to clog the pores, as there’s more secreting from your skin. The reason it clogs your pores is because it’s a waxy substance. The more stress, the more clogged your pores. The more clogged your pores, the more acne you may have – unless you have super resilient skin.

Hormone Induced Acne

Hormones are crazy, and not just for females. Unfortunately, hormones are the body’s primary function and can definitely be a leading factor in your acne. When your hormones aren’t functioning as best as they can be, you could suffer from a breakout. It’s worth mentioning that acne from hormones primarily comes from issues within t he testosterone. While it’s mostly a male hormone, women have it, too! While hormonal acne can be quite hard to understand, it’s most definitely something to weed out.

The Health of Your Gut and Acne

When your gut has a constant feeling of constipation, bloating, gas, or something else, you may find that you have more breakouts during this time. While initially, you may think this has to do with what you’re eating, you could have underlying bowel or gastrointestinal issues. Pinpointing this can solve your bowel issues while reducing your acne flare ups.

Food Induced Acne

Certain ingredients in food, and in sugar may cause your skin to become triggered. Your body may not be able to handle these ingredients as well and cause a bit of an acne flareup in retaliation to fight against these ingredients within your body. The greasier the food, the more clogged your pores can become; but sugary foods can also have their own adverse effects on the skin.

Ingredients That Clog Pores

Since we already talked about ingredients clogging your pores, you can learn to control your acne flareups when the issue boils down to food. It’s not only about food, though, as some makeup may not agree with your skin, either, causing adverse effects days after you’ve taken off your makeup. If you want to learn more about what’s causing your acne or get an acne treatment, contact Atlantis Clinic at
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