Dealing with Pesky and Potentially Painful Ingrown Hair

When you were younger, you might have thought you were lucky that you didn’t have ingrown hairs ever but depending on the methods you took when you were younger, you may see a rise in them later in life. Because of methods like tweezing, you may see once light hairs that are now darker and coarser than ever. Let’s take a look at dealing with ingrown hairs now.

Tweezing Your Chin Hairs

We think that the myth of leg hair growing in darker and thicker can be attributed to the way hair can grow in on the face. With facial hair that gets plucked out by tweezers, the hair follicle becomes agitated because of the method, and becomes distorted, causing the hair to come in a different shade and a different thickness. With normal shaving on the leg, your pores and follicles aren’t becoming irritated over one swipe, but many people think it does.

When you tweeze over and over again, the follicles on your face will become increasingly inflamed and irritated as you continue to do so and cause a type of hyperpigmentation. These are known as little dark spots on your skin. So, while you may not have had them when you were younger, now that you’re getting older, your body is healing differently and can’t fight back as well.

Since the follicles are becoming distorted, ingrown hairs can become quite common on someone’s skin, which can cause even more irritation, and unfortunately, pain.

Laser Hair Treatments for Ingrown Hair Problems

Because of the research conducted behind laser hair removal, it’s been found that these removal treatments can help improve your follicles and get rid of ingrown hair and help your follicles heal. Having this hair removed entirely will remove the possibility of irritation and ingrown hairs as a hole, because there are no more hairs to become ingrown. Once this occurs, your hyperpigmentation and other inflammation issues will cease to exist. By getting laser hair removal treatments, your skin will improve and heal quite quickly, while reducing the possibility of ingrown hairs in the future.

But What About Waxing?

Because of how harsh waxing can be on the skin and on the hair follicles, this acts as the same for tweezing. While it may work and make your skin feel smooth up front and momentarily, you’ll be dealing with other side effects down the line, including ingrown hairs, as well as the possibility for cysts because of ingrown hairs.

The more that area is irritated, the more likely they are to suffer from ingrown hairs and waxing is a huge culprit. Many people don’t believe that removing the hair will help, as they think the follicle is the problem. While the follicle may get irritated, the hair is what the cause of all of the problems are. By removing such in a laser hair removal treatment, you’ll be able to avoid this entirely in the future.

No matter what your ingrown hair is caused by, you should seek a professional by calling Atlantis Clinic at (905) 237-1354 today to seek help with pesky and painful ingrown hairs.