Group Laser Hair Removal


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For 1 Year every 6 weeks or 8 sessions in 1 year


Product Description

The following area count as 1 body part: Upper lip-Chin-Cheeks-Side burns-eye brow-ears-front of neck-back of neck-areola-Hands-Fingers-feet-toes-knees

The following area count as 2 body parts: stomach line-Belly button- Bikini Line-shoulders-Under arms

The following area count as 3 body parts: Chest-Stomach-Upper back-Lower back-upper arms-Lower arms-Full Bikini-Buttock

The following area count as 4 body parts: Upper Legs-Lower Legs

Note: 6 persons’ cost= 5+1 persons’ cost, 7 persons’ cost= 5+2 persons’ cost, 8 persons’ cost= 5+3 persons’ cost , 9 persons’ cost= 5+4 persons’ cost , and 10 persons’ cost= 5+5 persons’ cost


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